Here's what our customers have to say about Kenny Powers Jerseys dot com:

“Costume fit comfortably. The quality was better than I expected. In fact, the jersey will be framed on the wall in my home gym.”
 -Mike H., Texas

“The costume was a huge hit! Thanks for being so quick with the shipping. definitely made my weekend!”
 -Tony S., California

“The quality of the jerseys is excellent! I wear them often and I must say alot of people recognize the Great Kenny Powers!"”
 -Mark P., Canada

“Wearing this costume on Halloween got me so much attention from the ladies and the respect I deserved from the other not-as-awesome-as-me guys at the bar.”
 -John W., New York

“Thanks to for making my Halloween costume as awesome as the man himself!”
 -Eric T., Minnesota

“With so many people recognizing the costume, it proved to be an extremely successful weekend. Thanks again guys, You guys kick ass.”
 -Dillan S., Kansas

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