Customer Reviews for our Kenny Powers Costumes

Kenny Powers Costume Reviews"The best Kenny Powers costume of the year!"
-Kenneth F., Maryland

"The costume I received from showed up even earlier than I expected, and I was not disappointed. I've ordered costumes online before that looked nothing like the picture online, but this one was spot on. Everything arrived in good shape and fit like it was supposed to. Although I grew my own kick-ass goatee for the special occasion, the one that provided definitely would have passed for the authentic Powers look. My costume was a hit! I don't know how many random people came up to me and yelled "You're f***in' out!" to me when we were out and about that night. Thanks to for making my Halloween costume as awesome as the man himself!"
-Eric T., Minnesota

"My buddy showed me the Kenny Powers costume on your site, and I knew I needed to have it. I ordered it about a week before Halloween and was hoping that it would get here in time, then was pleasantly surprised when it showed up just three days after I ordered! On Halloween, I wasn't expecting many people to recognize me outside my circle of friends... but I found myself tossing out quotes to strangers the whole weekend. It was awesome."
-Ben K., Wisconsin 

"The costume was a huge hit! I had people taking pictures with me all night!  Thanks for being so quick with the shipping. definitely made my weekend! The wig with the widows peak was absolutely perfect! I tried the wig on with no other costume items, just my normal clothes. My friend came in the room and said "whoa! you're gonna be Kenny Powers for Halloween?". Immediately recognizable as his hair.  Another friend who sadly is unfamiliar with KP, said "I don't know who Kenny Powers is, but you look like Danny McBride". The wig-glasses-goatee combo was awesome!"
-Tony S., California 

"Dear, I wanted to commend your company on such amazing and speedy service with my Kenny Powers wig, glasses, and goatee for my Kenny Powers Halloween costume. After realizing a week out that there was no way I could grow out a full goatee, or a mullet, by Halloween so I proceeded to search over the Internet for the best deal.  After searching websites like and, y'all were the only website with the quickest delivery and best price!  I loved how your company sent emails updating me on where my package was in the delivery process and I wasn't stressed at all that there would be any kind of problem in the delivery of the most essential items to my Kenny Powers costume.  You are a very efficient and effective company, and I know that from now on I will only go to your website for all of my Kenny Powers needs. Thanks again for making my Halloween a huge success!!!"
-Adam T., Texas 

Eastbound and Down Costume"I was Kenny Powers this year for Halloween.  I have to say, the costume I ordered from got so many compliments.  I can prove that, even as a girl, I can pull off the Kenny Powers look! Fundamentals are a crutch for the talentless! Thank you guys so much for such an awesome costume!"
-Erin S., New Jersey 

"KennyPowersJerseys.Com, Thank you so much for getting the hat-wig to us on time. We went to a party on the 24th and it went great, but we went out on Halloween and Kenny Powers was a hit. We went to a couple bars in San Diego and the people went crazy. Throughout the night everyone kept coming up and taking pictures of me and with me. Thanks again."
-Matt A., California

"Costume was great and everybody wanted a picture with Kenny.  Will use this costume more than once!"
-Bruce F., Arkansas

"We had an awesome time putting the costumes together--possibly the greatest Halloween of my life."
-Amanda P., Kentucky

"We won first place at my work party for best costume!  Landed a sweet trophy and huge bottle of booze as the winner! Thanks!"
-Jeremy J., Arkansas

Kenny Powers Wig

"Great costume, had an awesome night and everyone loved it."
-Shawn H., Nevada

"Great costume...very high quality stuff, went over VERY well.  Thanks again!"
-Arthur G., California

"So many people loved it, and kept yelling "Kenny Powers!" It was a huge hit, and a lot of people snapped photos of me."
-Bill B., Ohio

"It was great being Kenny Powers and everyone knew who i was which made the night even more fun. i also took many pictures with people because they were so amazed how i looked."
-Filipe R., New York

"Hey guys thanks a lot for all your help getting me the costume on time for the party last Thursday. The party was our company's annual Halloween party so I was just a little reluctant to raise the Kenny salute however I had to be true to the character so I was dropping f bombs all over the place...I had to explain occasionally but it was great. The costume was great. Thanks again."
-Joe H., New York

Ashley Schaeffer Costume

"I was totally satisfied with your website. The service was outstanding and the item was exactly what was described. Everyone that knows who Kenny Powers is thought it was great. The package you sell was perfect and I had a great time being Kenny Powers. Keep up the great job and I'm sure I'll be purchasing more Kenny Powers items from your site."
-Don J., California

"The whole service was great. Ordering was quick, I got everything delivered in a timely manner. I gotta admit, after being the bullet-proof tiger himself for Halloween, its hard to want to do anything else. All the honeys you get combined with the free pass for the attitude are priceless! Might have to throw an Eastbound and Down costume party soon just to rock this again."
-Cesar F., California

"I am the biggest KP fan.  I went to a kick ass Halloween party and everyone loved it. Because of this, the husbands were cool enough to let me get away with delivering all of KP's lines randomly to their wives. No, I never got slapped, they all knew it was an act. Your service was impeccable. Costume was delivered on time, web-site was very user friendly. Costume fit comfortably. The quality was better than I expected. In fact, the jersey will be framed on the wall in my home gym adjacent to the KP bobble heads!"
-Mike H., Texas

Kenny Powers Black Shirt & Boots

"I had a blast dressing up as KP for Halloween. One of my best costumes ever."
-Joe O., Michigan

"Your shipping was amazingly fast. Very high quality."
-Brandon S., Florida

"Great costume. I got so into character at the dress up party."
-Dustin K., Ohio

"This costume was definitely a hit!"
-Jordan H., Texas

"I went trick-or-treating with my kids and people kept running up and yelling "you're f*cking out!!!" Haha!"
-Will H., Colorado 

"I had a blast basking in all of Kenny Powers greatness for Halloween this year. My Kenny Powers rendition took New York City by storm, and tons of people commented and loved the costume."
-Brooks B., New York 

"Nothing like feeling like the man rolling around yelling You're F*cking Out! I'm F*cking in! Awesome Halloween!"
-Chris G., Georgia 

"Costume was great. Thank you for all your help in getting it out in time."
-Scott E., California 

"I absolutely love the wig cap, it went over huge this weekend. With so many people recognizing the costume, it proved to be an extremely successful weekend. Thanks again guys, You guys kick ass. The costume went over huge the first night, People asking for pictures and askin me to yell "you're f*cking out!" You guys are the sh*t. I plan to blast support for you guys for sure via twitter and tell all my friends."
-Dillan S., Kansas

Kenny Powers Costume Kits"AMAZING costume!!! THANKS SO MUCH! BEST COSTUME EVER! I've worn it around the sleeping quarters for laughs while people are sleeping. So many people LOVED the costume. They came up table to table asking me about it, where I got it etc. I told them about your website and how you guys supported our morale party! Everyone says thanks!! Costume kicked ass!!"
-Brandon H., Army Post Office

"This mullet, glasses, goatee combo is the greatest thing that will happen in your life. All of a sudden you will be bathed in the respect and glory you think you deserve, but didn't deserve until you dressed up as Kenny Powers. The greatest decision you've made yet. Wearing this costume on Halloween got me so much attention from the ladies (most importantly) and the respect I deserved from the other-not-as-awesome-as-me guys at the bar I was at. Wear it."
-John W., New York


Customer Reviews for our Myrtle Beach Mermen Gear

Myrtle Beach Mermen Jersey"The Myrtle Beach Mermen shirt is by far the best purchase I have made. I can't go out in public without getting compliment after compliment. If you're a Kenny Powers fan this is a must buy, great quality and an even better conversation starter!"
-John C., New York

"I totally love my new Kenny Powers jersey! The responses and attention I get when I wear this shirt in public are epic! I cannot count on how many occasions I have had to point people to this site to purchase some KP swag. Thanks for offering this stuff. I love it!"
-Pietro M., Pennsylvania 

"My Kenny Powers jersey was everything I expected and more!  It helped me immediately realize my dream of looking awesome and scoring hot b*tches.  Plus, added bonus, everyone asks me if my last name is Powers, which I tell them it is because that's the best last name you can have."
-Casey M., Missouri

"I love my Kenny Powers Myrtle Beach Mermen Jersey. Every time I wear it out, I get a compliment or a simple "Your F**king Out!!!"
-Parks M., South Carolina

"How cool is it to wear my KP jersey out in public? I had two firemen track me down in a grocery store to ask me all about it. They had seen me entering the store in the parking lot and one of them told me he said to his buddy "I think that guy has a Kenny Powers jersey on!" "No way," said the buddy. "Way!" They were quite impressed. I'm 57. KP rules!"
-Gary E., Texas 

"I love my Kenny Powers jersey so much that I bought one from you guys and then a second one when we visited the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. The Pelicans game was great, and their staff has a great sense of humor about the show. I had several people come up to me and say -- hey, wait a minute -- isn't that the guy from that HBO show? Chuckle."
-Claire B., Florida

"My Kenny Powers Myrtle Beach Mermen jersey t-shirt is the most prized possession in my wardrobe. I wear it almost every week."
Andrew K., California

"The quality of the jerseys is excellent! I wear them often and I must say alot of people recognize the Great Kenny Powers!!"
-Mark P., Canada

"Just like Kenny, you guys bring it!! Totally awesome shirt and 95 MPH delivery!!"
-Ed O., New Jersey

"I love my Kenny Powers Merman jersey, it fits great, looks great, and I've gotten many compliments on it."
-John G., Ohio 

"When I wear my Powers jersey, I feel the awesomeness of Kenny Powers through my bones. Finally I don't have clothes like a d*ck head!"
-Ian S., Pennsylvania

"Having a Kenny Powers Mermen jersey from is like taking KP to the party with me. Everybody has more fun with a sweet KP jersey!"
-Mark M., Delaware

"Chicks dig me cause I wear a Kenny F*cking Powers jersey! The Mermen jersey is awesome! While wearing it, I'm protected from harmful emissions and Kryptonite. Also, I only wash it in fresh spring water, rose pedals, and soap made from Panda Bear fat."
-Lou W., California

"I got the Myrtle Beach Mermen jersey for my brother, a big Kenny Powers fan. He loves it! It is a beautiful blue color and a good quality shirt. When he visited me (I live in Myrtle Beach) many people yelled to him "Kenny F'n Powers." He loved it! Thanks for a great product. Now my dad and brother-in-law want one."
-Jennifer M., South Carolina

"My Kenny Powers jersey has gotten me waist deep in poon. It's like I don't even have to try anymore. The ladies love me and the men want to have my shirt."
-Zach R., Indiana

"The powder-blue Myrtle Beach Mermen jersey I purchased from you guys really helps me ratchet up the intimidation on the wiffleball field. Dudes are seriously shaking in their K-Swiss! Now, I just need to work on my mullet. Thanks,!"
-Dave C., California

"Its the most kick ass tee-shirt jersey I own!! When I wear my Mermen number 55 jersey, everyone wants a piece of my sh*t!!! It makes me realize how no other baseball player in history, is as good as KP!!!"
-Zach W., Florida 

"Whenever I wear my #55, I feel the essence of Kenny Powers flowing through my veins. Makes me almost want to throw a 83 mph 'fastball' from the mound, and take care of my kid."
-Josh M., Texas

Myrtle Beach Mermen Jersey"Kenny Powers gear is perfect for shedding waves on your boogie board, or just trying to impress some dirty b*tches.  My Kenny Powers shirt is so awesome."
-Michael B., Massachusetts

"Might as well call the shirt Panty-Dropper 2.0."
-Billy B., Texas 

"Ten stars!!! When I wear it other men want to be me and women want to be with me. If Abe Lincoln was alive today he'd wear one. Seriously, it's an awesome shirt. Good quality."
-David F., Massachusetts

"I bought the Myrtle Beach Mermen shirt for my 23 year old son to make a man out of him. It worked, he's now virile and gets a lot of 'it' from the ladies."
-David J., Florida

"Your shirt has been awesome. It looks and feels great, plus it gets chicks."
-Roswell U., Massachusetts

"I bought it for my dad, he loves his shirt. He gets compliments here in Portland every time he wears it!"
-Michael M., Oregon

"I ordered the hoody and literally wear it everyday, really comfy and warm - living in Belfast thats a huge bonus! Who wouldnt want to look like Kenny F*ckin Powers. Since purchasing my KP costume and Mermen hoody b*tches have been all up in my sh*t. If you want to look kickass, stay warm and make the hoes moist then buy all your sh*t at"
-Stephen H., United Kingdom

"Love me my hoodie from Kenny Powers Jerseys--its lasted very well after several washes--gets comments on the bus, out & about and @ shows--will order in the future too."
-Stanley C., California

"Just like when Kenny got to Myrtle Beach and titty f'd some waves, I dominated everyone while sporting my Powers #55 Myrtle Beach Mermen hoodie.  If you don't own one then your f'n out!"
-Larry K., Ohio