Fans may have to wait longer than anticipated for the premiere of Eastbound and Down Season 3 but we can confirm that the show will be back for another season. Writers are preparing to bring the brash, politically incorrect HBO comedy back for its third season, but it will probably be the show’s last.

Eastbound and Down Season 3"We've always imagined this thing as something that we would keep short and not give it a chance to kind of get old," said Danny McBride, star of Eastbound and Down. "We have really approached each season as if it was just an act of a larger story, and so the third season to us has always been the climax of the story. The season ended last year where Kenny finds out he's going to have a kid, so this season obviously kind of deals with that and him continuing his hunt for the Majors. So, I think you’ll see a lot of people from some of the other seasons as well."

Filming started this past summer, with Eastbound and Down Season 3 to premiere on HBO Sunday February 19 2012 at 10PM. The new season opens with Katy Mixon as April Buchanon, and McBride as Kenny Powers, taking on the trials, tribulations and uncertainties of expectant parents. How Kenny will deal with impending parenthood is an issue that's being kept a closely guarded secret that may surprise viewers when revealed.

The wheels of change are in motion, with the end of season two seeing Kenny trading in his mullet for cornrows and baseball for cock fighting. It's a whole new ballgame and Kenny may find some temptations hard to resist in season three. Vida, the Mexican temptress with the desirable derriere, played by Ana de la Reguera, may or may not have a role to play in Kenny's decisions. Word is that Kenny will be pitching for the minor league Myrtle Beach Mermen.

A variety of the show's past guests will be returning for the season three. McBride has revealed the news that the bride of Stevie Janoski, played by Steve Little, will definitely be on the scene, and Lisa De Razzo will play Stevie's new Mexican wife. It’s unknown if Kenny's big brother, played by John Hawkes, will return to the cast to offer Kenny any brotherly advice.

Fans of the man with the mullet will find closure and some unexpected surprises in Eastbound and Down season three. Big changes have been taking place since fans last visited with Kenny and only the third season will tell if Kenny steps up to be the man he could be, embracing parenthood and finally facing his problems head on.

UPDATE: Eastbound and Down Season 3 premieres on HBO Sunday February 19th 2012 at 10PM.

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