A big thank you to all Eastbound & Down fans who entered our Kenny Powers costume photo contest this Halloween! Out of dozens of awesome entries, it was very difficult to choose but we are proud to announce Tye M. from Atlanta, GA as the winner. Tye’s “Work KP vs. Play KP” photo had us cracking up here at KennyPowersJerseys.com, and Tye will walk away with $100.00 cash. Many other Kenny Powers costume submissions had us laughing too and each runner up below will receive a KennyPowersJerseys.com gift certificate.


Kenny Powers Costume Winner
“Work KP vs. Play KP”

1st runner up – Ali K-M.

Kenny Powers Doing American Beauty
“Kenny Powers doing American Beauty”

2nd runner up – Erin S.

Girl Dressed As Kenny Powers
“Sexy Powers”

3rd runner up – Chris B.

Kenny Powers Halloween costume
“Kenny Powers does Wonderwoman”

honorable mention- Clint P.

Kenny Powers sunglasses tan

We got a lot of requests to post more pictures from last year's Kenny Powers Costume Contest so here you go. Thanks again to all the fans who put on their Kenny Powers costume and submitted pictures!

6. All-Black Ecstasy Dance Costume

Kenny Powers All Black Costume

7. You’re F’ing Out

Kenny Powers Youre Effing Out

8. Ashley Schaeffer Costume with the Kenny-ettes

Ashley Schaeffer Halloween Costume

9. Kenny Powers at Shabooms

Kenny Powers Shabooms

10. Kenny Powers Yelling

Kenny Powers Yelling

Thank you again for everyone’s participation in the contest and look for the new season of Eastbound and Down coming soon on HBO.